About Ana Ramana

You could say my real life began after a profound accident and near-death experience that showed me the indescribable beauty of Love. I saw how these lives, these bodies, these stories, are mere particles of parchment in the borderless Book of Love, how everything in this dream world is suffused with it, how each thought, each movement unfolds from it, how enormous and powerful we are, so far beyond the limited mind.

The so-called accident occurred in my native Dublin, Ireland. It felt as if my entire being had been shattered into a billion filaments. I could not find a center. It wasn’t until I was well enough to return to the USA and went on a retreat to Mexico, that I found what I’d always been searching for. Someone at the retreat said, Praise God, and it was like an electric light bulb erupted in my heart. I knew there was nothing more meaningful in this lifetime than to praise Him who conjured this wild dream. I fell onto my knees in the desert, gushing great tears of joy. Every breath was a miracle, I was suddenly besotted with the magic of a cactus, a donkey’s ear, a weather-worn stone on the road. Every single thing I encountered radiated joy, delight, love. I was bursting with gratitude, overflowing. There was nothing, absolutely no thing, that was not wholly sacred.

One evening, the Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi, literally flew into my heart, like Cupid’s arrow, and I was helpless but to imbibe the grace of His boundless love. I lay on the floor in the meditation room and thought I would never, ever move again.

That was my honeymoon. What ensued was a long dark night that lasted 7 years, during which long-suppressed memories of childhood trauma and violence re-surfaced. But fortune shook its vast cloak around me, as Ramana and my spiritual teacher, Devaji, held a loving space as I embraced that dark past, in a way I never could when it originally happened. Through months of deep internal reflection, I came to see the Love that had given birth to all of it, that there was no perpetrator, no victim, only Love seeping through every split second of it. It was the same limitless Love I had experienced when I had died. Nothing could truly be separate from that, only what the mind decided to isolate and cling to.

Today, I live in the foothills of a magical mountain, Mt. Shasta, where my life is dedicated to complete freedom from the antics of the ego. It is not always easy or smooth, but it is my most profound and highest wish to offer my little life to this. And it is the gift we all long for – true union with our own selves, with our deepest heart, a marriage to the Divine that lives and thrives inside us always.

May we all find the Master within, a fusion of our human and holy natures, which is to say, may we learn to live in the light of True Love. There is no greater gift that can be bestowed on us on this earth.

My website is: anaramana.com.  You can email me at ana@anacallan.com.

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